October 2014

Local and State Professional Firefighters Endorse Tom McGarrigle for State Senate

Springfield, PA – Delaware County Council Chairman, small business owner and candidate for the 26th Senatorial district Tom McGarrigle today received the endorsement of Local and State Professional Firefighters.

“We are proud to endorse Tom McGarrigle for State Senate.  As Delaware County Council Chairman, Tom has been an advocate for local firefighters, working so that they have the resources to ensure the residents they serve are safe.  Our first priority is to respond to emergencies quickly and safely, and Tom McGarrigle’s leadership has made it so firefighters are able to do that,” said Art Martynuska, President of the Pennsylvania Firefighters Association. 

“Tom McGarrigle is the right choice for...

October 2014

Why is John Kane Hiding?

55 Days and John Kane Still Refuses to Debate

Springfield, PA – 55 days have passed since State Senate candidate Tom McGarrigle first requested a debate with opponent John Kane on August 12, 2014.   Numerous phone calls and emails have been sent since then, but still no debate is scheduled. 

“Having a debate in a political campaign is about as obvious as the sky being blue.  Yet, John Kane has been dragging his feet for nearly two months in getting a debate scheduled.  One can only presume that he wants to run out the clock on the campaign before committing to a reasonable, fair debate.  Why is he hiding?” said campaign manager Caitlin Ganley.

The following is a timeline...

September 2014

Tom McGarrigle Earns Endorsement of Local Chamber Group

Springfield, PA – Delaware County Council Chairman, small business owner and candidate for the 26th State Senate district Tom McGarrigle received the endorsement of SEPAC, the political action committee representing several chambers of commerce in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Jeannie Liggett, chair of SEPAC’s Board of Directors, said, “The candidates endorsed by SEPAC recognize the needs of businesses in Southeast PA and across the Commonwealth.  They understand that to improve the business climate in Pennsylvania, we must lower business taxes, roll back restrictive regulations, reform the pension system, and improve our failing infrastructure.”

“I am grateful to receive SEPAC’s endorsement, and I am...