May 2017

Another View: Property Tax Elimination Act is nothing of the sort

To the Times:

State Sen. Tom McGarrigle knows a bad deal when he sees one.

That’s why he’s made it clear that he won’t support the so-called Property Tax Elimination Act.


Because it doesn’t actually eliminate school property taxes, and because it increases the overall tax burden in 318 school districts. Homeowners will end up paying more in overall taxes than they pay now in property taxes.

That’s definitely a bad deal.

The fact of the matter is that the realities of property tax relief have never matched the rhetoric. For decades, Pennsylvanians have listened to promises about property tax relief. But no one has ever delivered on them.

Now, Pennsylvanians need to...

March 2017

3 Delco pols oppose property tax bill

Bipartisanship can be hard to come by these days, but three area lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are united in opposing a bill that would dramatically alter the way schools in the state are funded.

During a town hall-style meeting on Friday night at Strath Haven High School, state Sen. Tom McGarrigle, R-26, state Rep. Leanne Krueger-Braneky, D-161, and the chief of staff for state Sen. Tom Killion, R-9, were unequivocal in declaring Senate Bill 76 as a non-starter as far as they are concerned.

McGarrigle said the bill, which has been dubbed the “Property Tax Independence Act” by its backers, would “destroy” education in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

“It (the current approach of relying...

November 2014

Senator-Elect Tom McGarrigle Thanks Voters for Opportunity to Represent Them in Harrisburg

Springfield, PA – Senator-elect Tom McGarrigle thanked voters and volunteers following his victory Tuesday night. 

McGarrigle said, “I am grateful to the residents of the 26th Senatorial district for having faith in me to elect me to the State Senate.  I recognize the importance of this opportunity, and I will go to Harrisburg as a voice for everyone in this district.”

“Throughout this campaign, I often said that I won’t represent one special interest, but I will fight for the needs and concerns of all of our communities.  I will work with labor and business groups to create jobs in Delaware and Chester Counties, and I will fight for more education funding for our schools.” 

“There is much to be...