October 2014

ICYMI: Delco Times: Send Tom McGarrigle to the State Senate

Springfield, PA – In case you missed it, the Delaware County Daily Times endorsed Tom McGarrigle for State Senate today. 


Here are some excerpts from the endorsement:

Editorial: Send Tom McGarrigle to the state Senate

“In what is probably the most high-profile race in the state aside from the governor’s fight, Republican county council Chairman Tom McGarrigle has gone toe to toe against union leader Democrat John Kane. The campaign is believed to be the most expensive state Senate race in Pennsylvania.”

“McGarrigle came out early with his proposal for a 4...

October 2014

ICYMI: Delco Times Editor Calls Kane Ad “Misleading”

Springfield, PA – In case you missed it, Phil Heron at the Delaware County Daily Times calls John Kane’s latest ad “misleading.”

“With each passing day, John Kane continues to lose more credibility with voters and the press by twisting the facts and lying about Tom McGarrigle’s record.   He refuses to meet Tom McGarrigle for a debate, because he knows he’ll have to account for his dishonest campaign.  Voters deserve better,” said Caitlin Ganley, campaign manager for Tom McGarrigle for Senate.

Here’s the full piece:

The Heron’s Nest: Another odd claim in an increasingly bitter election season...

October 2014

John Kane, SEPTA Board Member, Silent on Looming Strike

Springfield, PA – Delaware County Council Chairman, small business owner and candidate for State Senate Tom McGarrigle issued the following statement regarding the looming SEPTA strike that will negatively affect tens of thousands of residents in Delaware and Chester Counties.  His opponent, John Kane, sits on the SEPTA Board and is in a position to help broker a deal, but to this point, he has been silent. 

Tom McGarrigle said, “John Kane is a member of SEPTA’s board as well as a union member, so I would hope he would use this perch to find common ground among all parties.  He has been silent to this point when he could be advocating for the priorities of residents who rely on SEPTA for their commute to and...