October 2014

ICYMI: Delco Times: Send Tom McGarrigle to the State Senate

Springfield, PA – In case you missed it, the Delaware County Daily Times endorsed Tom McGarrigle for State Senate today. 


Here are some excerpts from the endorsement:

Editorial: Send Tom McGarrigle to the state Senate

“In what is probably the most high-profile race in the state aside from the governor’s fight, Republican county council Chairman Tom McGarrigle has gone toe to toe against union leader Democrat John Kane. The campaign is believed to be the most expensive state Senate race in Pennsylvania.”

“McGarrigle came out early with his proposal for a 4 percent tax, with every penny going to education. Doing so puts him squarely at odds with the fellow Republican at the top of his ticket, Gov. Tom Corbett. McGarrigle has not attempted to dodge his disagreements with the governor. The absence of the two men at each other’s many events in the county has not gone unnoticed.”

“To his credit, McGarrigle has not shied away from the difficult decision to raise taxes. ‘Sometimes you have to govern,’ the Republican admitted, citing increased costs at both the county-run Fair Acres Geriatric Center and 911 Center caused by state funding shortfalls.”

“…McGarrigle can point to his efforts, along with lots of others, in saving hundreds of jobs when the region’s refinery business was threatened. He also points to other economic development during his time on council, including construction of PPL Park in Chester and the Sun Center movie studio and entertainment center in Chester Township.”

“The Daily Times endorses Republican Tom McGarrigle for the 26th District state Senate seat.”