October 2014

ICYMI: Delco Times Editor Calls Kane Ad “Misleading”

Springfield, PA – In case you missed it, Phil Heron at the Delaware County Daily Times calls John Kane’s latest ad “misleading.”

“With each passing day, John Kane continues to lose more credibility with voters and the press by twisting the facts and lying about Tom McGarrigle’s record.   He refuses to meet Tom McGarrigle for a debate, because he knows he’ll have to account for his dishonest campaign.  Voters deserve better,” said Caitlin Ganley, campaign manager for Tom McGarrigle for Senate.

Here’s the full piece:

The Heron’s Nest: Another odd claim in an increasingly bitter election season

“Have you heard that the Delaware County Daily Times believes Republican state Senate candidate Tom McGarrigle is a 'hypocrite.'  Yeah, I was a little taken aback at that claim myself.  Let me try to explain.

“Earlier this week Democrat John Kane rolled out a new ad bemoaning the nasty tone that has defined the race for the open state Senate seat in the 26th District. I was watching the ad when I was surprised to hear that claim attributed to the Daily Times.

“First a voice in the background booms, ‘Ugly,’ with that adjective attributed to the Philadelphia Inquirer. Then it's our turn. ‘He's a hypocrite, slams the Delco Times,’ according to the narrator. At the same time a single word appears on the screen, in quotes.

“‘Hypocritical.’ It's attributed to the Delco Times, dated Oct. 10.

“Since I couldn't remember us ever making such a claim, I went back and checked that days' newspaper.

“They're right, there was a claim that McGarrigle was being hypocritical in that day's paper. 

“But it wasn't made by us.

“It was part of our reporting on a press conference held in Philadelphia by union leaders blasting McGarrigle for attacking Kane for accepting money from a union that was in hot water connected with some intimidation tactics.

“It certainly did appear in the Daily Times. But it was not anything we said. It was us reporting what the union leaders said.

“That suddenly becomes "Hypocritical, slams the Delco Times."

“Yes, I think that's misleading.

“Yes, I would like the Kane campaign to stop making that claim.

 “No, I don't expect them to pull the spot.

“That's the way politics works these days.”